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Friday, June 03, 2011

Factors to consider before choosing an investment advisor

This is an area where blindly believing and lending your ears for all those that come across as good information will probably if not always but will lead you to a dead end. So, taking an expert advice or a professional advice is nothing wrong, but before doing so its better we consider some of the major areas for choosing such an expert whom we can depend.

Its advisable that you choose a company than an individual, because the openings that we may get from an individual is less when compared to the wide opening of the resources a company can offer.

Once you decide for an company look for the company's history, how old is that, well established or what, its reputation, and the way how they deal with the investors, their open transparent dealings.

Must possess the best infrastructure for research since investment needs constant and continuous vigil otherwise the advise you may get may not be timely.

Now a days the good old days of paper works are gone to the dust bins and the trend is totally on with the help of electronic media its a must for the advisor that he should also be well equipped with media and should have online trading platform. So that you can manage your investment sitting in your desk.

Its better to stay with a fee based advisor than a commission based since the fee based advisor will certainly look your investment as his own since the fee is goiing to change accordingly.