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Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Important donots of Share Trading

1. Never get yourself emotional about a tip/rumor about a stock being hot from your broker or from anybody.
2.Don't go for an investment/sale with that - don't be impulsive.

At times when you happened to receive such tip about a stock, rather than taking a drastic move on your own go for the first hand news about that you can check the news with the following sites.





These are some of the important official and non official sites that you can rely upon for the important News, announcements, dividents pay off, any corporate move by any company over other company,moves of the top managements,anouncement of their earnings, and other important things happening in the market. These sites will give you the hot and the current news exactly, so whenever you receive any tip about the market it is better you check with these sites for the genunity of the tip before taking any move.