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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Budget 2008

Eventhough the Budget 2008 has evoked a lot of mixed reactions, by and large it has come as an open invitation for the growing economy.It almost opened the gates wide open for investment in all most all catogories except the IT sectors, the reason may be the ressesion in US not only affected the indian share market but also reflected in the Union Budget. Some predict it as a budget, in the wake of the forthcoming elections in mind, one cannot deny the slashing of the excise duty in the automotive sector, pharma sector, processed food,and the customs duty cut in the field of crude and unrefined sulphur and the notable fund allotment towards drinking water needs, irrigation projects ujder Accilerated irrigation Benefit programme,and the infrastructure will certainly oil the momentum and improve the phase of these sectors which in return will reflect in the growth of the economy.
As far as the investor is concerned now the options for the investors are wide open and he can very well concentrate on the very basic rule of investing the "Diversification of Investments".The market may take sometime to settle itself in par with the current budget but for a good investor who aims his investment on the long run i feel this budget is going to be a very big boon .