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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Play the Online game without spending a single rupee from your pocket

Today when I was just going through the various materials and other my fellow blogger reviews about the market today and know their views and ideas how it going to be tomorrow, i came across this wonderful point one of fellow blogger( thank your siva) had made. By going to the site i was quite surprised to see how much fantastic and help full this resource could be for those who are just staying away from market due to fear and lack of knowledge.

This is the very same technique i used to make myself accustomed with market and shares and the trends, and still i do it at times of crisis when the market is volatile and some thing extraordinary is catching up, but the only difference is i do it on my own with my own style with papers.

This is a good platform for the people who want to come into the market, they can play with this simulator game which gives you almost the same as a market platform so realistic and they can predict and play buy, sell, take delivery, and short sell all without spending a single rupee from their pocket.

Interested just check this site
you will really love it whether you are a beginner or a professional.