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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Current News

PM and FM against the reduction of fuel price.

At present the oil marketing companies are making a profit of Rs.8/- pl petrol, and 0.65 paise for litre diesel. The petroleum ministry is planning to go for a price reduction, which is also questioned by the election commission to furnish the basic reasons behind it, it seems the ministry is getting a good political support for its cause to reduce the price, but to the surprise even though the congress party and the chief is supporting the reduction, the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister are not supporting the idea, where the PM feels the reduction should be considered only when all fuels including diesel and LPG steps up profitable, and FM is supporting this view of the PM.
It seems even after the question from the EC the Petroleum ministry may go through with their idea of cut in fuel price with the congress and the chief supporting the decision.